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Unicorn Calligraphy Font | Free Handwriting Font Download

This font is Free for personal use.​


Type * (asterisk) for the solid star
Type | (vertical bar) for the rainbow
Type \ (backslash) for the sparkle
Type _ (underscore) for the unicorn
Type ^ (circumflex) for the solid heart
Type < (less than) for the open star 
Type > (greater than) for the open heart
Type [] (brackets) for the swashes
Type () (parentheses) for the wings

These fonts are for designers, hobbyists, instagrammers or anyone who enjoys to use fonts. You will like to download and play with these free fonts. Find the most suitable fonts for your custom need, there are many Free Fonts available in this website and number is counting.

File format for fonts are either ttf or otf as usual.

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Free for Personal use Font Download

Thank you and enjoy :)


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